Chain Reaction - Double Gatefoald Vinyl

Image of Chain Reaction - Double Gatefoald Vinyl

The new record Chain Reaction is now available as a Double-Gatefold Vinyl.

"Pripjat has captured a killer body of music with "Chain Reaction".. Raw energy and fury captured by nice fat production which is not common in these likes! THIS IS WHAT I CALL THRASH METAL!" - Rob Cavestany, DEATH ANGEL

"Razorsharp thrash. The 80s back alive!" Maurice, LEGION OF THE DAMNED

"Killer riffs, pounding drums and vicious, screaming vocals! Lots of variety in the songs as well, with everything from straight to the point thrashers like "Just a Head" to dark, heavy epics like "Returnless". - Kragen Lum, HEATHEN/EXODUS

"100% thrash from Cologne. Straightforward, energetic and uncompromising. My butt still hurts from the kick up the backside the new record gave me!" - Gerre, TANKARD


1 Just A Head 03:02
2 Take The Law 05:02
3 The Seed 05:09
4 Bowed, Yet Unbroken 05:50
5 Kiev Burns! 04:37
6 28.04. 01:53
7 Brick By Brick 03:25
8 Survival Of The Sickest 05:32
9 Chain Reaction 06:25
10 Returnless 06:54